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Participation in a support group is one way in which survivors have been shown to experience increased support and a decrease in feelings of isolation, stigma, and shame. Support groups may help to connect survivors with social support and a safe, confidential space to move forward in their healing process. There are many potential benefits of participating in healing groups:

  • Sharing information

  • Expression emotions in a safe place

  • Learning new coping strategies

  • Finding hope

  • Experiencing validation and normalization of feelings, experiences, and trauma responses

  • Giving and receiving support

  • Building or expanding one's support network

  • Identifying with others

  • Experiencing compassion and empowerment

  • Increasing self-esteem

Adapted from "The Power of Social Connection: Developing and Coordinating Sustainable Support Group Programs for Survivors of Sexual Violence." (Graham, L., Powell, R., Karam, A.)