If you are in immediate danger because of your stalker Call 911


Are you currently being stalked? Need more help?


To meet the legal definition of stalking the behavior must:

  • Be repeated, unwanted contact

  • Be a credible threat

  • Cause a reasonable person to fear bodily injury for themselves or their families


If you are being stalked:

  • Avoid contact with the stalker

  • Don’t respond or react to the threats or contacts

  • Change your phone number, screen name and email address

  • Document and report the behavior

  • Keep any notes, answering machine tapes, emails, or other evidence

  • Contact law enforcement or your local rape crisis center or domestic violence shelter for assistance

  • Vary travel routes and routines

  • Don’t post messages indicating where you will be and when

  • Carry a cell phone with you at all times

  • Lock your doors

  • Use a post office box number for your address


SAHC can help with:

  • Assistance in filling out a Protection Order

  • A free anti-stalking resource kit

  • Assistance with the address confidentiality program

  • Police accompaniment

  • Legal accompaniment

  • Personal advocacy