If you are in immediate danger because of your stalker Call 911


Are you currently being stalked? Need more help?


To meet the legal definition of stalking the behavior must:

  • Be repeated, unwanted contact

  • Be a credible threat

  • Cause a reasonable person to fear bodily injury for themselves or their families


If you are being stalked:

  • Avoid contact with the stalker

  • Don’t respond or react to the threats or contacts

  • Change your phone number, screen name and email address

  • Document and report the behavior

  • Keep any notes, answering machine tapes, emails, or other evidence

  • Contact law enforcement or your local rape crisis center or domestic violence shelter for assistance

  • Vary travel routes and routines

  • Don’t post messages indicating where you will be and when

  • Carry a cell phone with you at all times

  • Lock your doors

  • Use a post office box number for your address


SAHC can help with:

  • Assistance in filling out a Protection Order

  • A free anti-stalking resource kit

  • Assistance with the address confidentiality program

  • Police accompaniment

  • Legal accompaniment

  • Personal advocacy

All services are free and confidential.

The Sexual Assault Help Center does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation or preference, disability and/or age in the delivery of services.

Mailing Address:

PO Box 6764

Wheeling, WV 26003

Main Office Phone: 304-234-1783

Fax: 304-234-8231

24/7 Crisis Hotline: 1-800-884-7242

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