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"THANK YOU!!!!!!! YOU'RE the hero! It's not hard to donate money, it's hard to do what you do every single day. I got a settlement from an assault case and wanted to pay it forward. I spent a really long time looking at different organizations trying to figure out which to give the money to and your team stood out. I would look at your facebook everyday just waiting for the check to hit my account so I could donate. It was the first thing I did. 

I wish I had a million more to give to you. Your organization deserves it. The world is a better place because you and your team are in it." - Anonymous Donor

Survivor Testimonials

"After 6 years of keeping this to myself, I called the hotline last night. I don't have a long testimonial to give, but Haley took my call and was so helpful. I felt heard and not judged. I have felt so ashamed for so long and while I feel very sad right now, I know I am in the beginning of recovery and I will get through this and be stronger. Thanks for all you do."

If you are a current or previous client of SAHC and are interested in submitting a testimonial, please use this secure form. All identifying information will be kept confidential. 

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