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Prevention Education

The Sexual Assault Help Center is on a mission to prevent sexual violence in our communities. We offer presentations, programming, tabling, resource finding, and local community support to achieve this. Whether you are an individual, family, community group, faith-based organization, business, or other professional agency, we have services to fit your needs.


We offer nationally accredited, evidence-based programming such as Circles of Safety and Teen Safety Matters, as well as programs developed in conjunction with local communities, organizations, schools and colleges.

Offered to Pre-schools, Schools, Colleges, Professionals, Faith-Based groups, Community Groups and organizations. While some programs are age specific, many can be adapted for your group's needs. Contact us for more information.

Prevention Goals

At the School Level:

  • Improve the school climate by promoting healthy, nonviolent relationships and decreasing tolerance for bullying, harassment and other behaviors/attitudes conducive to violence.

  • Develop and support school policies that address negative statements and behaviors, promote gender equality, and assess school events to determine whether they inadvertently contribute to negative gender stereotyping or include images that condone violence.

  • Train staff to develop skills to promote respectful behaviors and address disrespectful behaviors.

At the Community Level:

  • Promote positive messages about healthy relationships and the importance of mutual respect and nonviolence.

  • Collaborate with local community groups to promote healthy relationships and support caregivers and youth.

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